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OEKS15 – Climate Scenarios for Austria

Depending on the climate parameters, time of year, scale and degree of adaptation, the advancing global climate change has led to changes that impact systems [...]

Climate Change: Vulnerability Assessment in Mauretania

The aim of this project is to assess the vulnerability of rural livelihood systems to climate change at regional and local levels in Mauritania. Adaptation [...]

WebGIS – Interactive (Tourist) Map

Even though modern WebGIS technology allows the development of robust solutions for geographic data visualization and recording, it still involves a lot of time and [...]

Dynamic Urban Flood Analysis

Urban flooding and inundation are a severe and inescapable problem for many cities worldwide. However, both the spatial scale of these processes and the underlying [...]

Loss and Damage – Climate Change

The United Nation (Environmental Programme) is preparing a report on Loss and Damage as part of its “Environment Under Review: Emerging Issues” Project. The report will [...]

Avalanche Risk Assessment

Snow avalanches are one of the most significant natural hazards of mountainous regions. They occur not only outside of civilisation, but also in places inhabited [...]

Fire Threat Analysis

Diese Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit Risikoanalysemethoden von Vegetationsbränden. Als Untersuchungsgebiet wurde Ventura County im US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien gewählt. Der Grund hierfür ist einerseits, dass das Potential [...]

Static Flood Analysis

In den letzten Jahrzehnten lassen sich, bedingt durch den Klimawandel, deutliche Veränderungen im Niederschlagsmuster hinsichtlich Intensität, Häufigkeit und Menge feststellen. Dies bedeutet eine drastische Steigerung [...]

Twitter Analysis

Over the last decades, and especially since the growing use of smart mobile devices, there has been a significant increase in the dissemination of geographic [...]

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