Master of Science in Geoinformatics

Bachelor of Science in Geography

Having grown up in the heart of Europe and travelled a lot, I learned much about the world we live in. I have come to know and appreciate its enormous diversity in nature, landscape, and people. My passion for geography already took root in my early years when I wanted to know everything about every country in the world.

Today, I hold a Bachelor degree in Geography and a Master degree in Geoinformatics. Furthermore, I also have a degree in Media Design. Through this combination of education, I have unique skills which can be combined for a greater cohere.

I completed my Master’s degree within the international programme for Applied Geoinformatics at the University of Salzburg. This world-wide recognized programme is very comprehensive and incorporates aspects from WebGIS, Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA), Remote Sensing, advanced Spatial Analysis and much more.

During my studies, I was able to demonstrate my skills and capabilities which allowed me to start my professional career at the University of Salzburg. The Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics is internationally prestigious in its field and leading in subjects such as OBIA. Aside from the academic career, I have also worked for Onyx Technology, best known for their Ape@Map product.

For a more detailed view of my education and career, please have a look at my CV. Feel free to have a look at my portfolio and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to know more about me.



During my studies, my internship and my professional career I gathered a lot of experience across different research topics. These includes programming, spatial thinking, analysing, management, cartography and more. Feel free to have a look at a selection of topics.

OEKS15 – Climate Scenarios for Austria

Depending on the climate parameters, time of year, scale and degree of adaptation, the advancing global climate change has led to changes that impact systems […]

Climate Change: Vulnerability Assessment in Mauretania

The aim of this project is to assess the vulnerability of rural livelihood systems to climate change at regional and local levels in Mauritania. Adaptation […]

WebGIS – Interactive (Tourist) Map

Even though modern WebGIS technology allows the development of robust solutions for geographic data visualization and recording, it still involves a lot of time and […]

Dynamic Urban Flood Analysis

Urban flooding and inundation are a severe and inescapable problem for many cities worldwide.
However, both the spatial scale of these processes and the underlying causes […]

Loss and Damage – Climate Change

The United Nation (Environmental Programme) is preparing a report on Loss and Damage as part of its “Environment Under Review: Emerging Issues” Project. The report will […]

Avalanche Risk Assessment

Snow avalanches are one of the most significant natural hazards of mountainous regions. They occur not only outside of civilisation, but also in places inhabited […]

Fire Threat Analysis

Diese Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit Risikoanalysemethoden von Vegetationsbränden. Als Untersuchungsgebiet wurde Ventura County im US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien gewählt. Der Grund hierfür ist einerseits, dass das Potential […]

Static Flood Analysis

In den letzten Jahrzehnten lassen sich, bedingt durch den Klimawandel, deutliche Veränderungen im Niederschlagsmuster hinsichtlich Intensität, Häufigkeit und Menge feststellen. Dies bedeutet eine drastische Steigerung […]

Twitter Analysis

Over the last decades, and especially since the growing use of smart mobile devices, there has been a significant increase in the dissemination of geographic […]

“Geography is destiny.”
Abraham Verghese
“Science rock: The pursuit of science, lead us to the beautiful places of the world.”
Lailah Gifty Akita
„The unique purpose of geography is to seek comprehension of the variable character of areas in terms of all the interrelated features which together form that variable character.“
Richard Hartshorne
„Knowing where things are, and why, is essential to rational decision making“
Jack Dangermond


Have a look at pictures from my geographic excursions, field work, and experience abroad.


Austria, in the heart of Europe and the beautiful Alps. Having grown up in the state of Salzburg, I learned to cherish the great diversity of landscape, the nature, and his endless beauty.

Ecuador and Peru

Two countries, similar but also so diverse. During the excursion in Ecuador and an extended stay in Peru, I had the opportunity to discover both countries in many regards. From the city of Quito to the […]


For a while, I called Greece my second home. It is not just because I frequently travelled to this beautiful country, and I also completed an internship at the University of the Aegean. During this internship, I […]


The island country between Europe and Africa is for sure not the largest but of the most beautiful. Cliff coast up to 300 meters on the one side, gentle coastlines on the other side.

New Zealand

I’m lucky to call New Zealand my new home. I started to explore this amazing country the day I arrived. I have already seen and experienced many aspects and places, but there is still a lot […]


Turkey, the „Land of the Crescent Moon“. This excursion with emphasis on human geography took place in the megametropole Istanbul.


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